Thursday, 22 January 2015


Have you ever feel uncomfortable about your body? Well.. you're not the only one who experience insecurities. I've always been very critical about my body and wanting perfection. Sadly, it's taken me a very long time to over come this insecurities.

Media is such a powerful tools when it comes to beauty and fashion. Sadly in reality half of those models don't even look like that at all, with the help of enchantment such as Photoshop.  Children spend more time looking at magazines, start to wear make up at the young age and begin to critics themselves. I was one of them children 9 years ago. I strive for perfection to look good for society but really... it wasn't worth it, I felt really unhappy. My mother told me '' Who are you trying to impress? '' and I  hate to admit it but honestly I really don't know at all.

But over the years I've learnt to stop worrying, stop comparing yourself, stop lying to yourself and stop punishing yourself. Learn to accept who you are and love the people who appreciates what you are.

What I've felt in the past has inspired me to create a piece of art that can people relate to me . A subject that is black and gold which you can see on my art work. Figure represent my dream body and escaping from things i can never have but force to have the body you were born with. And accept who you are, by washing away in colours who you truly are.



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