Friday, 14 November 2014

SKINCARE: Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

I've been battling with scarring and uneven skin tone around my cheeks and chin area for a very long time, since my skin is prone to acne. Unlucky me I used to pop them during my high school years and I'm so glad is not as deep scarring. Couple of months ago I did some research about most hype up products in Asia. And I came across with Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. Here is my review
- Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream 45ml -

When I first heard ‘’Snail’’ I felt a little uncomfortable and wow how Asian’s go beyond with their products. Since it's a Korean brand, I believe that Koreans have the most advance skincare treatment. Mainly focus on facial and any other parts for health benefits. And you always wonder why Korean's look so young and their skin are always flawless! 
Mizon Snal Recovery Gel Cream work wonders for my skin and i'm so happy that my skin is a lot happier than before. 

Now, what is Snail Recovery Gel Cream? and what does it do? 

-The main ingredient are all in one Snail Healing Cream which contains 74% filtered Mucin. Mucin can be found in snail slime. It's known for outstanding skin regenerating effect.
-Mucin also have adenosine, a key ingredient for keeping your skin tight and smaller pores. It also contains other ingredients such as peptide, birch extract, Hyaluronic acide, oliver oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin 5, allantoin, centella, machihyun, green tea and water lily. 
-Your will skin rejuvenates for more energetic look
-Gives light and fresh texture as well as moisture and nutrients for firmer skin.
-Snail extract treat trouble spots, even your skin tone and lessen wrinkles 

And I approve! Not only reduce any breaks out, it also lighten up my skin and it continues to heal any redness impurities. It also faded my old acne scars which I find extremely amazing.

As you can see from the photo's i took. You can see that the gel is extremely thick and milky but don't be fooled by the consistencies, once you apply onto your skin the gel will eventually dissolve due to the warmth of your skin when you rub it gently. A little goes along way so make sure you apply small portions. As it dissolve into your skin the gel does feel sticky afterwards but once its all dried out. skin feels so smooth and firm. It doesn't contain any scent or paraden in which could irritate your skin.
I use this product every day and night along with my It's Skin serum. And honestly, I don't have to add another moisturizer cream or else it's gets very oily since I have normal and oily combination skin type. 

I would recommend this product to anybody especially to those who are worried about their scars and blemishes. This product is for you! try it and I promise you you won't regret it. But the negative part is.. it may not be suitable for your skin, since everyone is different. I guess it doesn't hurt to try either it suits your skin or not. 

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