Wednesday, 26 November 2014

ART: Lisa Park – Eunoia

This is slightly different post that I’ll be blogging about. I found this amazing NY-based artist Lisa Park, who has been experimenting with a specialized device which is called NeuroSky EEG headset. It’s basically helps transforms brain activity into streams of data that manipulated for the purposes of research. And you probably wondering what Neuro Sky EGG headset is, she uses this to monitor the delta, theta, beta wave and alpha of her brains, as well as movements of the eyes and transforming the results data with a specialized software into sound waves. Which triggers the water to dance. Park spend months to perfect her experiment to balance her brain activity through her emotions (Happy, Love, Angry, Passionate and etc) during her meditation. Then transposes this energy onto 5 dishes of water to reveal zen-like vibrations.

This is almost like your favourite kung-fu movies or any types of sci-fi fantasy. And I always wanted to make the water dance with my brain. It’s such an amazing and wonder piece of art to make our emotions visible to the eyes it’s almost sound so poetic.  

Eunoia derived from greek which means ‘’Beautiful thoughts’’. You can clearly see why if you watch this video. (Bare in mind I don't own this video at all) 

Seems very incredible right? If power exist, what power would you take?