Friday, 19 September 2014

£100 TOPSHOP Outfit

Today's blog if I had £100 challenge to create an outfit for September seasons. Well, we all love Topshop but some are extremely expensive to buy, yet along if you're a student and on a budget. I will talk about that tomorrow. So, make sure you come back tomorrow. Now If I had £100 to spend on TOPSHOP! for one outfit. 

I would go for this lovely grey dress which gives the illusion of having two layered clothing, such as crop top shirt with high waists skirt or dress. On the back it has an upside down V shape that gives out such a flirtatious look. It's simple and perfect for fall seasons.



Now, I would pair it with black or skin looking tights or without, it's really depends on your taste or the weather outside. But for me, I would go for a black tights which I can pair it up with these bad boys! I love the shiny parts from the tips and on the back  of the heels and everything else is completely matte. I love heels specially platforms which gives you that height if you're a small person. As you can see it has a breathable opening which is great! If you're wearing a skin tone tights or bare legs. Which complement your legs, shoes and your dress. Now £100 - 28 - 42 = £30. £30 pounds left. I would pair it up with this lovely peach colour jacket. The reason why I choose to go for this jacket it's because I want to add that innocent colour to the outfits, despite the pricing, It's on Sale! Which is £20. The peach colour work amazing on grey or black colours. It's not too loud or too much to the eyes. 



Now to finish off, I will add the transitional Bowler Hat that matches your shoes. Now the outfit is complete. For a £100 spend you have £3.00 left. Not bad for one single outfit but combining sales or what's not on sales. I hope you like this outfit and if I had a £100 outfits challenge on Topshop. If you like more of this, be sure to comment, like and follow me for more. 

Thanks x