Saturday, 19 April 2014


This is my very first fashion or Art blog; I’m very excited to share my personal style and hopefully give you an idea or an inspiration. 

Now, recently collected few accessories from Urban outfitters, Burton and Newlook. 

First, let’s talk about this sexy sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. I've always wanted a new pair of sunglasses so, when I saw this I have to have it!
What I love about the sunglasses is structure, colours and the framing.  It has a very slim metal frame with frame-less bottoms, with gorgeous gradient tinted lenses when it's in the sun and it gives an awesome retro look. I tell you those lens are super big! Maybe I have a small head so, the lens intend to look huge but it fits perfectly and secure (Which doesn't slide off your face.

Moving onto Burton menswear, yes! Ladies ‘menswear’ Anyway, I got myself a rust cable beanie hat; It was on sale for only £2.00  such a bargain! I can never get enough of beanies and plus it's only £2.00.

The rings which I got from Newlook, It comes with 4 different rings in gold; some are thick and thin body. It’s noted that the rings are manmade and each of them have different pattern. You can tell that the details on the carving is very delicate on the surface and which I love. Over all these types of rings suits with any outfits!

Photograph by Ana R 
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