Saturday, 20 September 2014

Are you a student on a budget?

You have come to the right place. I know most of you struggling to save money or gain money. Specially too much window shopping and in another hand empty pocket. Oh boy! I’ve been there so many times. Here are my 5 tips but some may have already been mentioned by Bloggers or Youtubers.

  1. Spend wisely
  2.  Goal = Write down your goal either on your phone, your calendar or whatever. (e.g I want to save £30 to £100 or save £5 > £10 > £20 every week) So by the end of two/three months you probably have a lot of money.
  3. Be creative and Sell = If you’re a creative person or an artist in any field. Go out there and sell what you made. There are many number of websites that you can sell online or in person. You can even get your teacher to get involved if their interested. Another good one, sell your old stuff that you don’t even bother wearing or having it. Manipulate it or alter it.
  4. Charity/thrift shop = There are many good things you can find but you just got to be patient.
  5.  Shop when it’s sales.

Now, I’m a big online shopper and yeah yeah, I know what you guys saying L A Z Y! L Well no because whatever in the shop may not have it or even your size which is a big no no. Sometimes online shopping is pretty awesome! I mean literary spend so many hours. The longer you shop the better! 
Here are the list of website I mostly order from. I mostly look at the sales sections and I am telling you there are so many bargain.   

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