Monday, 25 May 2015


Hello everyone,
Transferring from Blogspot to WordPress. I apologise for those people who have followed me through Blogspot. My social media will still be the same nothing changed. You can still follow me through Google+ 
To make things clear to why I transfer from Blogspot to WordPress. I want to refresh the whole scenery as I’ve been with Blogspot for a year. Although I find WordPress a lot more refreshing and a new upgrade such as settings and etc. For full details of my departure from Blogspot, I will let you guys know in time.
I am greatful for Blogspot for being my first blogging platform and meet a lot of beautiful bloggers.
For the mean time, I think I finally found a comfortable platform to blog. Looks like I’m starting from the very beginning but that’s okay. At least we can have fun and able to see blog develop further.

My new blog: